Contact Lenses

beautiful human eye and contact lens isolated

The world of contact lenses is constantly changing. Eye Associates of Don Mills is proud to provide a full range of contact lenses, services, and solutions that keep up with today’s technological advances and improvements

Our prices for contact lenses are competitive and in many instances less expensive than online. Also, with an annual supply of contacts you receive 50% off non-prescription sunglasses!

Soft Lenses
We fit all types of soft contact lenses, including those with these features.
Gas-Permeable Rigid Lenses
In addition, we also  fit gas-permeable rigid lenses with these options:
 many colours and shades  extended / flexible wear
 extended / flexible wear  astigmatism correction
 astigmatism correction  bifocal
 bifocal  specialty lenses
 speciality items
 disposable varieties from daily to yearly

10 Reasons to buy your contacts from Eye Associates of Don Mills:

  1. EXPERT FITTINGS, RECOMMENDATIONS & ADVICE from experienced optometrists
  2. SATISFACTION PROMISE– We will find the lenses that will best suit you & your lifestyle.
  3. COMPETITIVE PRICES on contact lenses & solutions saves you time and money!
  4. CONVENIENT we inventory contacts and solutions- available right after your exam.
  5. DIRECT SHIPPING available at no charge on annual supplies
  6. MANUFACTURER’S REBATES on most brands
  7. FOLLOW- UP visits as required to ensure your eyes stay healthy
  8. PROFESSIONAL CARE & CONSULTATION from accredited knowledgeable staff
  9. FREE EXCHANGES of unopened boxes if your prescription changes within the year
  10. FREE REPLACEMENT of ripped or damaged lenses

Remember, when you are buying contact lenses, you are not buying just the contacts – you are buying the competency and experience of the doctor who has prescribed and provided them for you.

We specialize in “hard to fit” patients who need bifocals, have high astigmatism or kerataconus.